By Julie

From my earliest memories, an unrelenting fog of fatigue followed me everywhere. Starting around age 10, I would suddenly pass out without warning. It happened so much in junior high that I was kicked out of school for causing “too much of a scene”. Doctors struggled to diagnose the cause, attributing it to everything imaginable […]

By Feri Ascencion

I have no clue what I’m about to write, but I feel I should share my trip with you all. #narcolepsytravel I got an early birthday present to go see the monarch butterflies. It’s hard to say no when it’s meant so well. A bus trip šŸ˜±More than 24 hours gone. šŸ˜±Nighttime in a bus […]

By Brenda Moore

Catch that Cat! I was finally starting to feel sleepy as 5 a.m. rolled around. Transitioning from night shift mode to being awake during the day is always tricky. I had only taken 2 pills since waking in the afternoon, so the yawns came fast and furious. Sean was already in bed asleep, so I […]

By Stephanie Pagnotta

Today I have to do the householdingā€¦I drag myself forward. Every time I take the stairs I am panting upstairsā€¦.I sort the laundry while sitting on a chair.Bending over and getting back up to pick up something gives my head enormous pressure and spinning sensation. I think my blood pressure is low too. Despite my […]

By Randy Klein

Finding a way to move forwardBy: Randy KleinJuly 10, 2021 Time seems to have gone by both slowly and quickly in the last two years. Quickly in the sense that a year and a half has gone by with many people stuck in time, while very quickly for others who have been overwhelmed with servicing […]

By Jonathan Lesko

By Jonathan Lesko Awesome Alert“My husband, spouse of (me) a narcoleptic, is wicked smart and loves to write. I mean- ANY type of creative writing is his JAM.He’s going through a ā€œlimerick phaseā€, and wrote this just now”:‘To all of my ā€œothersā€ out there,I’m gonna lay it all bare.I’ll speak at some notions,And sway yer […]