There are 3 methods to treat Narcolepsy.

Modern medication – Since we can not replace the hypocretin (yet) most medication will only follow the symptoms. Oxybate (Xyrem/Xywav) is one that is developed for giving you more quality sleep and by that reduce the symptoms. Lately Baclofen is mentioned as doing the same. Stimulants and antidepressiva are used the most but only to stretch your daytime energy. Not for handling the cause as being lack of quality sleep.

Life style adjustments – Sunlight, sleep hygiene, food, napping at daytime, etc. are all of influence on PWN. Although it is not fully researched yet, all PWN will say by experience they benefit from paying attention to these subjects.

Alternative methods – Meditation, yoga, herbal remedies, cannabis oil, acupuncture, keto, gluten free and others might have a positive effect on some of the symptoms. With or without modern medicine. Make sure you inform your treating physician, pharmacist, herbal practitioner and herbal dispenser of all the natural things you are taking.

This can help prevent over-medication and dangerous interactions.

By combining these three methods, based on your own experience, you might reach the optimum form to control your symptoms.
Never judge another PWN if they do it differently then you do. Narcolepsy comes in many forms and we all respond differently on the same medication. There is no “one size fits all” solution.
But don’t hesitate to share your personal experience with other PWN inside our Facebook Group. Or write down your story as a guest blog.

We are learning from each other and it has been a great help for many already.