Our board

our team

As a non profit organization, we work with volunteers. People who dedicate their time and knowledge to keep PWN4PWN going. Who allow us to connect with our community and make it a better place.

Board of directors

PWN4PWN Board members bring a wide range of experience, skills and backgrounds which complement our strategy. All Board members have strong leadership experience at global businesses and institutions. Our Board members’ biographies illustrate the contribution each Director makes to the Board by way of their individual experience.

Jane E. Powell

President – Corporate affairs

Frederik Ascencion

Vice President – Daily operations

Moshe Turner

Board member – Special projects

Before leaving the workforce early due to the disabling effects of narcolepsy, Moshe worked some 35 years for, as well as owned, a number of customer service focused businesses. He has spent the last decade as a narcolepsy patient advocate, most of that time as the founder and director of the NICER Foundation. Moshe brings his unique talents to PWN4PWN to pursue special projects.

Fabian Haag

Board member – IT projects

As IT specialist he takes care of all technical issues that come along to run an organization in this digital era.