Narcolepsy World Wide

Narcolepsy information-

NINDS Narcolepsy Information Page or Narcolepsy on or Stanford Center for Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy world wide-

AUSTRALIA  Narcolepsy Australia
AUSTRIA  Österreichische Narkolepsie Gesellschaft
CANADA  Narcolepsy Awareness Programs and Services (NAPS)
DENMARK  Dansk Narkolepsiforening
FINLAND Uniliitto ry
FRANCE  L’Association de Narcolepsie – Cataplexie
GERMANY  Deutsche Narkolepsie- Gesellschaft e.V.
IRELAND  Sufferers Of Unique Narcolepsy Disorder (SOUND)
ITALY  Associazione Italiana Narcolessia
JAPAN  Japan Narcolepsy Association
THE NETHERLANDS  Nederlandse Vereniging Voor Narcolepsie
NEW ZEALAND  Narcolepsy Support Group of New Zealand
SPAIN  La Asociación Española de Narcolepsia (AEN)
SUISSE Schweizerische Narkolepsie Gesellschaft (SNaG)
UNITED STATES  Narcolepsy Network

FB Groups world wide-

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Narcolepsie
Narcolepsie België en Nederland 

Narcolepsy Support Australia – Discussion Group
Narkolepsie und Kataplexie

These are just a few of the many Websites and Facebook groups. With most of the Facebook groups you need to become a member first.

Please mail us if you want to add your country or group to this list.