JOBS Project

Improve your chances

Many PWN don’t complete their higher education and wind up in lower-paying jobs. Others repeatedly lose their jobs or are passed over for promotions due to the deleterious effect of narcolepsy on the performance of their duties.

The project we are introducing here is intended initially for PWN and IH in these and similar circumstances. However, there is no reason why any PWN or IH who feels they can benefit from it should not consider participating.

Starting a new career path can be difficult, especially for a PWN. Our experience has shown us that because many PWN have difficulty maintaining focus, especially on repetitive or uninteresting tasks, they have the most chance of succeeding in a job when they can work from home. This gives them the freedom to work during the hours that they will be most productive, napping or taking breaks as suits their individual needs. This manner of working is most useful for work that is project-oriented and would be difficult to implement for employment involving real-time interaction with others.

change your career

Consistent with our goal of providing PWN with real support that produces actual results, we want to help you get a start in today’s work-from-home economy, whether it’s a part-time side gig or a full-time position. To that end, we are offering several courses of instruction that we feel can open doors for you in various fields of work. Upon your successful completion of any of these courses we can provide you with a certificate and a letter of recommendation. Best of all, PWN4PWN is providing these courses to you, along with the materials necessary for their completion, free of charge.

For starters, we will offer the following courses: 

  • Email marketing – How to create and implement an effective email marketing strategy. 
  • Project management basics – Why we need project management for the successful completion of projects. 
  • Grant writing and management – A “starter kit” for grant writing. 
  • Social media marketing – How to get started and build an engaged audience on Social Media. 
  • Google Analytics 101 + 201 – How to use Google Analytics to improve any website. 
  • Fundraising for non-profits – From creating a winning fundraising invitation to tackling how to use the best technology and social media for effective and dynamic fundraising. 
  • Microsoft Office – Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel has become essential for entry into the modern workplace. We are also offering a course in PowerPoint.

    These skills will be handy for any kind of online (or in-office) employment. These courses are the starting point for this project. We expect to add or delete courses according to the response. There can be follow-up courses after you have done one. To apply to the project, send us an email.

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