By Randy Klein

Finding a way to move forward
By: Randy Klein
July 10, 2021

Time seems to have gone by both slowly and quickly in the last two years. Quickly in the sense that a year and a half has gone by with many people stuck in time, while very quickly for others who have been overwhelmed with servicing the needs of the community. For the elderly and the infirm, it has been very much a lonely time, often with little or no support.
How can specific people move forward when they are often limited because of physical conditions, health problems and mental health concerns?
The world appears to be on the cusp of change again, and with great things coming. This sounds to be far fetched for many of us, but we have been through eighteen months of major change whether it was chosen or not. But slowly, we are all going to return back to normal life in a very different world.
Many people used this time to learn something new, a skill, a hobby, and to communicate and work in different ways. The ones who adapt tend to do better, but everyone struggles with change.
In many ways, it downgraded the quality of health care short term, as well as the services that many of us require. It has prevented people from getting treatment, medication, and access to surgery in many cases. People have passed away in great numbers and in great need. My feeling is that a lot of this could not have been avoided, but years of cutting back on quality care and time with individual patients have also often meant too few staff to deal with an overburdened system. This needed to be changed.
This time has allowed for doctors, clinics, and drug companies to develop more efficient practices for when this ends. We will receive better treatment long term, as long term inefficiencies and communication issues have been addressed. Staffing levels in the medical field have increased because they had to.
People with disabilities and other long term health issues are now better suited to work remotely if they have the technology. Technology has become more readily available to many parts of the world.
People can move forward in the sense that there will be more opportunities, and the opportunities are not limited only to the physically able.
The world has changed, and we have as well.
The way to move forward is always changing, but it’s possible to adapt to the changes happening, and for many this will mean an improvement in quality of life.
Today is the day for many of us get to decide what the future will look like: either as part of a group, or individually.
May the coming year bring you health, clarity, and improvement.
Be well.

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