By Julie

From my earliest memories, an unrelenting fog of fatigue followed me everywhere. Starting around age 10, I would suddenly pass out without warning. It happened so much in junior high that I was kicked out of school for causing “too much of a scene”. Doctors struggled to diagnose the cause, attributing it to everything imaginable – except narcolepsy. I spent countless hours in therapy being told I was depressed, dramatic, and wanted attention. I was treated and medicated for conditions I never had. Still, the inability to stay awake made school like torture at times and being social was just painful sometimes, limiting every aspect of my life.

The mystery of my constant exhaustion and random “fainting spells” persisted for over 20 frustrating years. I tried my hardest to do normal things like going to college, hold down jobs, and function like those around me. Then I started to think maybe I WAS crazy… maybe the problem was psychological rather than physical.

Finally, at 30 years old, I was accidentally diagnosed with narcolepsy and cataplexy by an ENT doctor. The revelation was both shocking and validating. I felt a huge relief to finally have an explanation for the disability that had shaped my entire life. But I also felt more defeated realizing I’d have to live with this incurable condition.

Narcolepsy wasn’t my only health challenge. I was diagnosed at 16 as “the poster child for fibromyalgia.” The debilitating back pain I’ve had for as long as I can remember made it incredibly difficult to get through each day, let alone hold a steady job. Between uncontrolled sleep attacks and chronic pain, I could no longer be my own boss as a makeup artist – my main source of income for 20 years.

After having kids, my son was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome. Being that I spent years as a medical mystery myself, I wasn’t going to let my son go through the same ordeal., I became fiercely proactive about finding solutions for him. My research led me to discover hemp-based wellness products, including CBD. After nearly 2 years of researching and trying different brands, I found the best and safest options. These products not only helped my son’s symptoms, but provided the ONLY relief I’ve ever found for my constant pain and brain fog.

CBD proved to be a lifeline, giving me vitality and improving every aspect of my health. The dramatic impact sparked a passion for educating and sharing this healing solution and the hope in hemp with others.

Though unplanned, I found myself partnering with the only USDA certified organic hemp wellness company and launching my own business. I now educate others and sell organic hemp wellness products, while mentoring those interested in doing the same.

Today, I’m so grateful this opportunity was shared with me. I still have challenging narcolepsy days when I’m too drained to do much. But now I don’t have to ask permission or lose pay for a bad day. I use my symptoms to build a fulfilling career helping others find natural relief through the power of hemp.

My condition does not define me. By sharing my story, I hope to empower you to not let symptoms rob you of living your life or thinking bigger.

Whatever you focus on – good or bad – you get more of!

~ Julie Jabiro ~ I am always happy to chat and/ or answer any questions about hemp, business or any other holistic solutions I’ve found helpful over the years. If you’d like to try any of our USDA Hemp Products and not sure where to start – Please fill out this quick “Product Match Quiz” for $10 off and see what will work best for you.

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From my earliest memories, an unrelenting fog of fatigue followed me everywhere. Starting around age 10, I would suddenly pass out without warning. It happened