By Stephanie Pagnotta

Today I have to do the householding…
I drag myself forward. Every time I take the stairs I am panting upstairs….
I sort the laundry while sitting on a chair.
Bending over and getting back up to pick up something gives my head enormous pressure and spinning sensation. I think my blood pressure is low too. Despite my homemade rehydration drink with Himalayan salt and my many vitamins and fresh organic food.
I should be superwoman. But am not. I can’t do sports anymore…..for now…..because I’m looking forward to it so much but my body doesn’t want to go along.
Lying down on the bed now and then, like now, is good …. but with 5 children as a single mother that is not obvious ….
The dishes from 2 days are still there… luckily I have 2 dishwashers, but they don’t fill themselves….?
I’m broke but I have to move forward. So, I push myself to keep going at the pace I can….
Do not fold…..
And don’t give up….
I move forward with my goal in mind…..
A big hug for all my fellow sufferers….

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