By Feri Ascencion

I have no clue what I’m about to write, but I feel I should share my trip with you all.


I got an early birthday present to go see the monarch butterflies. It’s hard to say no when it’s meant so well.

A bus trip 😱
More than 24 hours gone. 😱
Nighttime in a bus 😱
3 events to see in one day 😱

All my narcolepsy alarms were ringing loudly! How was I gonna do this?

Going with my GF made it of course easier than going alone although that also comes with expectations. The bus was on time at midnight, when we got on. Enjoyed being together before settling to sleep. Took my baclofen and Imipramine (antidepressiva) to start with and approximately an hour later my xyrem.
I slept some. Probably more than I realized, and kept my xyrem to one dose only.

When we arrived at the first event, it was cold! 8 degrees Celsius is not an average temperature in Mexico, but got me right awake and active. I enjoyed this short visit! Followed by enjoying my nap, going to the main event. 🤔 That bus trip was working out well this way!

Probably an hour later, I don’t really know how long, we arrived at a forest with a park entrance, to go watch the Monarch butterflies.
Writing the next part after a decafe break.

Having a big breakfast is never helpful, but when you pay for it, you eat it. 😂
A bit sleepy, I started the hike up the mountain, which had several viewpoints. And each time they tell you, we’re almost there. While it’s still an hour away. I hate that. And while i start feeling sleepy, their info starts annoying me. But…. I made it!
I’m not in perfect condition for a hike this long, and it was HEAVY!

By the time we finally reached the butterflies and the line was no longer moving, I almost fell asleep while standing there. That was definitely NOT good or safe. I fought as hard as I could to stay awake. I brought Wakix for this, but left it in the bus with my other stuff. To hike light. That was plain stupid!🤦🏼‍♂️
Once I snapped out of my sleepy moment, I could finally enjoy the butterflies. But the way back, I rented a horse. 🤭
I fell asleep directly once in the bus and can’t even remember it driving away. Waking up when the bus was entering the next event. Laguna Larga. A mountain like with hot springs. But it was cold! So the kids jumped in and the “grown ups” started drinking a bit (to get warm?) and telling funny stories. Now that’s my thing! I stayed awake easily those 2 hours before heading back home. Another great sleep you would expect but I’ma aged to watch a full movie. 😂

End conclusion.
I’m so happy I went and feel accomplished.
But surely had difficulties along the trip.
For me, it was worth it. I can’t decide for you how you would experience it, but it’s worth a try!

Please share your travel experiences to help others decide to stay home or enter the world

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